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Yas3737 Rating
This is very steamy, and very nice art work!
Noonebell Rating
Currently a curious story I'd like to see more of since there is only one chapter. Having to chose between an energetic quick finisher and a new sexual competitor is a neat twist on the love triangle. Both have distinct personalities and their own goals in mind and the main lead seems to want to enjoy herself and get her job actually done. Going as far as to say no to sex in favor of her work.Probably going to read the next chapter once it comes out.
cfang Rating
The story is so addicting. I love the steamy art.
Jenangelx3 Rating
It starts off really hot and steamy for like 2 chapters, but it quickly goes downhill and becomes really boring. It just isn't the same genre in the end, it feels like.
ctsayyu Rating
Very nice art and steamy hot story! I'm envious with our female lead ><
CRUSH Rating
Sadly I bought the whole series even though I have one major problem with it. I should have known by the tittle. If you don't want spoilers, then the only advice I can give now is skip the first 3 issues and stop reading this review. However (spoilers ahead) here's my problem with this series: It clearly depicts a lack of consistent between characters. I've noticed that a lot of erotic manga blurs the lines of consent to uncomfortable and problematic levels but this one makes it really clear that the female protagonist is not welcoming of one of her
Hamsooo Rating
artwork is and storyline is great! I'm glad and relived she ended up with the right guy...Worth ur time!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Ugh! So sexy i love the story so much. The heroine is gergous hope to read more but its already completed.
Kalia1234 Rating
I thinks is okay just she move on kinda too fast and kinda weird how her bf didnt really mind when she fell in love with her childhood friend...and how so easily they fucked lol
pinkpanda Rating
great i really enjoyed this one steamy scenes
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