User Reviews For: You're Too Nice! -I'm Not Letting You off Until You're Mine-


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jackiejean Rating
It's decent, a little cliche though. Girl has secret relationship with her boss. The art is nice and its totally worth the money. Overall it's very average but for a great price.
botaneko Rating
It is a very sweet story. Mao is a pure, soft girl; whereas her twin sister Rio is firm, confident girl.Mao always loved her boss Yuusei Kuga, so to come face to face with him on a blind date; thanks to her sister, she got more than she expected.In the second chapter, she worries about her new relationship with her boss, because she finds out the
Majala Rating
Sweet almost Shakespearean tale of two sets of twins mixed up and finally ending up with the right one. Short but sweet and nice artwork.
Nyanko Rating
There's nothing really new here, but it's still very sweet. The story shows the female lead (Mao: quiet, modest, proper, capabl) and her twin (Rio: gregarious, fiesty, emotional) and sets up the date swap. We go with Mao and her lover through a few bumps in the road, but they're both the composed type so it's never too rocky. The story visits with Rio in her own romance, which is a bit more turbulent but still ends up in a happy place. The art is good, and both sisters are easily differentiated (and gorgeous) even when Mao takes her glasses off. A few quibbles: Mao looks far sexier in her glasses, but she and her partner are kind of bland and the story started to drag about 2/3 of the way through. If there'd been more of the Rio storyline, it would've made a great snappy contrast. It's a good story, but could've skipped ch 7-10 and been a good read with a much better pace.
misshime104 Rating
Worth the reading. Loved it!!
FlamesFire Rating
The best series on this website so far!
lalaland Rating
This story was so fluffy! If you don't have a sweet tooth, i don't recomend. This was worth the points spent! It has a HEA.
JeanNamba Rating
A great story you won't regret buying!
ebookrenta06lcpxn95 Rating
Intriguing story with good character development. Good to read with pretty art.
Reverie Rating
Beautiful and steamy art! Just the way I like it and I loved every bit of it. :)
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