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Binx0r Rating
Has potential.Art is excellent, in style, quality, expression and layout.Story is character-driven, side characters seem to have life despite limited screen time.Biggest issue? Leap from intent to situation. There is zero build, no explanation. Boom. Completely naked in his apartment on top of him. How? Why would he let this person in, what were the expectations? I guess if you want to jump into smut immediately, this is for you? But it could be so much more than that. I'll keep an eye on it and see if it smooths out.
Schwartzemelia Rating
Shockingly, it's a very comedic yaoi in its own way, I didn't expect to be captivated by the uke's need to be with the seme. All in all it's a very good yaoi, I definitely recommend it.
BrookieG Rating
The story is quirky and cute. Obviously the main character is a bit naive but he's loveable. Can't wait until they fall in love!
LMonster2 Rating
I thought this was a great story about a naive bad boy showing personally unknown feeling toward his bad boy role model. It is funny, sad and a bit hot!
Niyeong Rating
Can't wait for more
Hotaru2018 Rating
Beautiful artwork! Fast and quickly into the smut. Think the older bad boy kind of knows the kid from around the neighborhood, or at least from his history with the mom, so not complete strangers. I've read up till chapter 3 so far, hoping to see the characters built up more. Nothing deep here, but it's a fast fun read.
TiredFox Rating
Very good! Love the bad ass myself lol,it maybe short but I still love it
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Absolutely glorious, I re-read this twice already, it's absolutely fantastic.
mushrooms Rating
The basic premise is a good idea and the art is fine, but once again it's a story full of sexual assault (not perpetrated by the MC thank God). The chemistry between the two is also a little forced.
Near94 Rating
I really liked this manga and wished it had been longer
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