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Mrsmangame123 Rating
So freaking cute!!! I'm such a sucker for unrequited love!!! The turmoil it can cause hurts so good. But this is even better because, SPOILER: it's not actually unrequited!!! The first couple are my favorite. They missed out on five years and I'm glad they're making up for lost time. Very good read, great art and HEA for all!!!! Definitely a reread.
fideliashoshanah Rating
SUCH a cute story! Gotta love a good mutually pining dynamic, which this has in spades! Worth mentioning, however, that this is an anthology with a few different stories in it. That was a bit disappointing, as I'd rather read more about Kohei and Ayato, so the book as a whole lost a star. The primary story is definitely 5/5 though!!The other stories are really cute too!
Ali1381 Rating
A cute story about seemingly unrequited love from a boy in high school. 5 years pass and they somehow see eachother again! The art is nice and the characters have depth. It was pleasent to read^^
marshalmellow Rating
It's still good and fluffy, there are also one or two other stories inside.
techo28 Rating
That prickly feeling in your heart when you read something pitiful or sad. It almost gives me that kind of feeling that I really like but in the end, I don't reach it. too bad. however, the overall story is good.
zw9500 Rating
Man, I really wish the whole manga just focused on the first couple because they're SO FREAKING CUTE... I really didn't care for the second and third couples to be honest. :') But I loved the first story so much that I have to give this manga five stars.
Yukito Rating
Really sweet story! Just wish people could be true to themselves and talk about their feelings, instead of running away from their heart's content. Thus possible misunderstandings could be avoided!
LMonster2 Rating
I really enjoyed the story about love blooming from unrequited love. This is a tug of war story between two friends that eventually become more than that. You won't be disappointed.
winkitty Rating
The good kind of angst!! Mutual "unrequited" love will always tug at my heart and this one does a good job! ;v; Kohei (protag) is soooo cute and honestly I just wanted to hug him because he was so hopelessly in love (also I'm a sucker for short fringe haired chars). Overall a pretty good read with cute side stories too!
biggestrebel Rating
This was quite cute!!!! I really liked the characters but again, an issue w all anthologies, wish we got more time w the 2nd/3rd couples. Overall, each story was very cute and heartwarming. I'd love to read more from sensei!!!
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