User Reviews For: A Millennium in Love's Purgatory[Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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AinoKusabi Rating
Love Hector's facial expressions, they're the best! Very smutty with just a pinch of intrigue! Fun so far!
Fairy231 Rating
There are two couples in this series' universe so far, and I find the second one more compelling. Shin is such a pitiable, naive character with a heart of gold (and a smidgen of pride to keep him feisty hehe), basically an anomaly coming from the demon world, at least to William's eyes (and judging from Lord Vet and Hector's story, it doesn't seem that Shin's archetype is common in the demon world). William, on the other hand, is that type of character who's composed, in control and very, very vicious. Man's been through hell and I'm not talking about Shin's world. So their story is kind of a cat and mouse game where the cat's playing with its food, and the mouse will probably (I'm guessing here) learn to like it. Rent first to see if you like it, and if you do, it's definitely worth buying to keep. The sex scenes were slick and hot. <p> As for the first couple, this is more of a personal preference than a critique on the author's work; I guess the beefy bottom with a slight top didn't work for me this time. However, the whole world building the author has going on here makes wanna find out more about the Demon vs Angel war, since it's not as clear-cut as one might first assume. And like I said previously, rent first before buying to see if you like it. But really, even if the first couple is not my preference, I'm not too mad for buying it because the rest of the stuff is worth it.<p> 4 stars overall (yeah I couldn't let it go lol).
DreamNymph Rating
I really love Shin's haughty, dignity & innocent, innate goodness. He's perfect for William. I wonder if this series might address turning demons to angels & vice versa with it all it's delicious smuttiness? Love it! Please tell the author! <3
Ser0216 Rating
The story of the priest and the demon is HAWT!! I can't wait for the next chapter!
retardedapplejuice Rating
A strong, powerful, conceited demon reduced to a pathetic, dying patient makes for a great buff uke. If you like a young seme ride a beefcake multiple times, with some prostate massage and urethra insertion as well, then this is for you. Art is quite good. The story is simple and doesn't really draw away from the main focus of the title - all the smut.
Thenameislynn Rating
One of my favourite mangakas and my favourite genre! The demon-verse is always intriguing. I love how Hector is loyal to a fault. I'm glad Lord Vet didn't use him for his benefit~ I hope sensei's other mangas get more recognition too!
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