User Reviews For: Because I've Been In Love with You for a Decade


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dongtheggplant Rating
1st chapter already got me hooked. I was skeptical at first but I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. It seems to be a melancholic and angst story, i try to avoid those since I don't like getting all angsty but I'll make an exception with this.
Ser0216 Rating
Cuuuute <3 First chapter but I like the surf setting and the tasty drama! More please!
Betih Rating
So cute!!! I loved it
Stheno Rating
I absolutely love the story. I've reread it a few times. I wish there was more!
Blluevaz Rating
Short, only 4 chapters, but it's ticking all the boxes for me. Art is good, story is totally plausible, characters were interesting, and I love me some "am I really good enough for you bc you're amazing" angst.
eboorenta09fwxawqd Rating
There is only two sex scenes so far in the whole story, but the story line is really cute. About a guy who is in love with his friend but his friend is in love with a girl. So he goes in to a depression until this guy finds him. Is he the key to becoming himself again? Read it to find out
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