User Reviews For: How My Gangster Boyfriend Makes Love -Switching Between Two Guys Every Day!-


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marmaladepinay Rating
First chapter got me hooked. Unfortunately the second/final chapter was rushed. Some development would've been nice. It could've been way better. I wonder why the author rushed it.
quaxie Rating
This is super cliche and not an original story.. The characters aren't fleshed out and you find them barely believable. It either needs to be shorter and more concise or longer with a better plot and development...
curlsfantasy Rating
There isn't much to expect in the span of two chapters. I would say that the plot caught my interest and I love how Akane is fierce in the first chapter. Unfortunately, the second chapter was jammed packed with forced character development all around. It would have been better if it expanded on a couple more chapters instead of being rushed. Though, I still enjoyed the story for what it's worth.
Raody Rating
Chapter one is a tease, and I'm not buying chapter two after reading the other reviews.
Jenangelx3 Rating
It's got a good premise, but it just didn't play out the way it said it would. In fact, it became way too shoujo-y and rushed. Not the best read nor satisfying.
R27H9 Rating
Art is fair but the story is short and rushed. I would prefer stories with stonger female characters that have depth. This female is us Iike a damsel in distress should be. If you like those archetypes, then this story is for you.
HorseObsessed Rating
?I thought the FMC would be stronger. The story & characters could/should have been fleshed out more.?Don't waste the points on this.?
DarkLilElf Rating
Love it can't wait for the next one
animeangel Rating
From reading the synapsis I thought it was gonna b a rough tale for the girl but when I read it I liked it. Sure her situation is bad but the guys she has are so different from each other and don't treat her horrible like I thought they would. I'm definitely gonna keep reading!
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