User Reviews For: Struck with Desire [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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jfos Rating
This was so cute and funny, definitely recommend. Shinobu is adorable, and easily embarrassed, one of my favorite type of bottoms.
SnowRaven Rating
Nose bleeds
Bigsmilezrina Rating
Omgomgomg!! This is so cute and unexpected. Like the seme is the little cutie and the uke is the cool, tall one.Must say.. the art is good too. The story, the characters, the intimate moments... i loveee it!! Its worth the buy. I love this one
ebookrenta0fkhxin21 Rating
This was so worth the money. It's so heartwarming and funny at the same time. Totally worth the read.
rabesXO Rating
Well this one was unexpected! Struck with Desire seems to have that perfect mixture of cute and sexy, in large part due to the atypical pairing of a very cutesy seme with a tall and handsome uke. At first I didn't recognise that it was written by Mishima Kazuhiko even though I have read many of her series. In Struck with Desire, Sensei's art is a little softer and more rounded than her usual hard angles and heavy lines. I'd really recommend people spend the money on this one. It was a lot of fun reading it~
Ren Rating
I absolutely LOVE this mangaka! I've read, literally, ALL of their works MULTIPLE times. So seeing this comedic, fluffy, smut-filled work of theirs (which was complete on Renta) was such a treat! If you like small/younger tops and tall/slightly older bottoms, then this is the manga (and mangaka) for you!
Ibeshippin Rating
I LOVE this! Normally not into having a sexual partner look 7 but I'll give this a pass. Died of second hand embarrassment more times than I can count..This was really funny, cute, and hot! BTW The Bonus ending had me wheezing I-
LMonster2 Rating
Personally I love ALL of this authors work 100% but I wasn't a fan of this one. I had high expectations with the sample and I was disappointed with the direction it went.
prkncl Rating
Lately I've been into uke's that look like seme's and seme's that look like uke's. I freakin' love this manga ;-; so perfect. Definitely a must read! Tbh I wanted more of the sex scenes. teehee uwu. Shinobu being so lewd and having submissive/masochistic tendencies got me going. I have a preference for his kind so imagine how hot this manga was for me >.< I'm definitely a Taichi type of person. Just wanna bully the people I like hoho ;) Highly recommend! 10/10I want a physical copy of this <3
Knox Rating
Love this story!! So cute and smutty rolled into one! Sad that it's not longer but, still worth the read
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