User Reviews For: Struck with Desire [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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jfos Rating
This was so cute and funny, definitely recommend. Shinobu is adorable, and easily embarrassed, one of my favorite type of bottoms.
Bigsmilezrina Rating
Omgomgomg!! This is so cute and unexpected. Like the seme is the little cutie and the uke is the cool, tall one.Must say.. the art is good too. The story, the characters, the intimate moments... i loveee it!! Its worth the buy. I love this one
SnowRaven Rating
Nose bleeds
ebookrenta0fkhxin21 Rating
This was so worth the money. It's so heartwarming and funny at the same time. Totally worth the read.
rabesXO Rating
Well this one was unexpected! Struck with Desire seems to have that perfect mixture of cute and sexy, in large part due to the atypical pairing of a very cutesy seme with a tall and handsome uke. At first I didn't recognise that it was written by Mishima Kazuhiko even though I have read many of her series. In Struck with Desire, Sensei's art is a little softer and more rounded than her usual hard angles and heavy lines. I'd really recommend people spend the money on this one. It was a lot of fun reading it~
AliceUndrground Rating
Kinky and wholesome, A+
Rosemarie77 Rating
*in my Oliver Twist voice* may I have some more! Ugh this was EVERYTHING! Urk-like-seme drive me insane! Everything by this sensei is Gold because she draws the little guy straight dominating. Just yummy!
Kuktamargaret7 Rating
I really like this comic it is vary cute, adorable, and funny at time's. Just like the time on the train that was a little funny an also embarrassing but really cute too. Oh an i did not expect him to be the "0" you know what i mean, but expected as much. Sooooooo cute....
Otaku kitten Rating
Cute & fluffy with a couple laughs plot wasn't to deep but was still quite enjoyable. Art was also pleasing to look at.
Jean66 Rating
Very interesting manga from start to finish. Not disappointed at all.
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