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Arzella Rating
I think the other reviews are bit overly critical. I like this series and it has alot of potential. The dynamic between the two main characters alone makes the series enjoyable. Im looking forward to more chapters.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
It's cute. Art is ok. Story is pretty silly and a total rom-com. The heroine is a little bit annoying and the hero is still kinda a mystery. But overall the pace is quite nice and I'll probably continue with this one.
DandyLionPuff Rating
This is adorable. If you like the manga Happy Mari this one will probably be right up your alley. I really enjoyed the dinner party chapter. Super cute and funny.
Kayrin91 Rating
Their relationship is so cute. They get married for the wrong reason, but they are right for each other. I don't know why there are such bad reviews. This is such a funny story. Please give this a read. It's worth it.
Capitulate Rating
This wasn't all that sexy even though it's a story about two self proclaimed sex fiends, but it was pretty funny. The MC is a bit of a drama queen and the male lead seems kinda shallow, but all to comedic affect. This one isn't going to make you swoon, uwu, or doki doki, but it probably will make you lol or at least smirk a bit.
Rokokitti Rating
Cute premise, could have been more interesting if the story played out longer, I was underwhelmed un the end, but I guess that's what you get with one-shots, has some humor, but didn't really grab me. This review is based off of vol.1
heyobromo Rating
A definite read for fans of the absurd light-hearted comedy that buds from the blooming romance of two perverts lol!!! The drama doesn't take itself too seriously, and even the very serious plot point in the series won't cause aggressive feels. I'll say it again, it's very light-hearted and greatly focuses on the ROM-COM aspect of the story. It's good for a laugh and to lift your spirits, but don't expect a great deal of realism or story. In fact, the sex scenes might not even be steamy enough for some of you (hohoh). While there is a story, it's to make space for the comedy and fluff. I like it personally, because the dirty jokes and absurd wackiness is right up my alley, but I can understand why people might not like how shallow it may seem. I'd compare it to Yuki Yoshihara's "Darling" which follows a bit of the same idea and comedy style. Overall, would recommend if you want to see a married couple comedic duo.
BlackDove03 Rating
Artwork is great and the story is cute, just seemed a bit rushed...but I hope theirs atleast two more volumes for these characters.
Ishi1199 Rating
This is one of the best written stories in Renta, I just love the character developments for both the FL and ML! I bought the whole bundle!
Visitor012241 Rating
Totally worth the money!!! This is soooo good. The feels, the characters, this is not one of those huge misunderstandings sort of story lines. You have a loveable and hilarious female lead and an equally charming male lead. All the side characters are pretty funny too!
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