User Reviews For: Pregnant with a Royal Baby! The Princes of Xaviera I


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Suuuuup Rating
I wish there was more! I want to see Jinny and Dom raise their child throught infancy!
Dani Rating
I'm always hesitant when it comes to harlequin comics since its its mostly always cliche and average writing but this had a lot of good reviews so I gave it a try. Overall this was a good read, for 129 pages I think Dominic's and Ginny's characters was fleshed out pretty well. The plot didn't feel rushed and it tied up all lose ends. Dom wasn't such a jerk as other reviews say (he was respectful and who would expect a baby after a one night stand)and at least his reasoning for wanting a marriage contract were (stupid but) understandable. Wish there wss more of their domestic life !
neha200 Rating
Very nice story; I really wish it was longer. Dom was a bit difficult to understand but that made his character growth more interesting. Ginny put up with a lot, I'm surprised she didn't hide the pregnancy from him. Overall, beautiful art and entertaining characters.
BlackDove03 Rating
I loved the story and character developments between Dom and Ginny. Not to mention the moments with their parents, which showed how the author didn't forget about the supporting characters within the story. Plus Alex is funny throughout.
vnix11 Rating
This is so worth it to read
votoran Rating
Pretty good art and an excellent, proactive MC.
Nanjinger Rating
after all that.. they named their child JImmy?!
ebooklove3093 Rating
It is a most read.
Oltrepassassi Rating
This was a beautiful harlequin. The MCs were drawn together but not initially in love. There was romance, and a lot of character development. Very sweet story a
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