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retardedapplejuice Rating
Contains: a little bit of gay sex, and a bit of mutual masturbation. The story runs rather smoothly, easy to follow, and the art is quite good. Inconsequential side characters aren't involved too in the love story so there's minimal distraction from them. Overall, I think it's a great title. I definitely recommend it. And as mentioned, it's not all fluff, there is some naughty bits for readers to enjoy.
daisuke Rating
It's a great story, and worth the buy! The art is clean, the characters are all likeable, but if you're expecting sex to be early on or frequent, it's not here. The manga does a great job with the pacing, so even if sex is all you bought it for, you're going to enjoy the series anyways. The only thing I disliked about it was the protag being rather repetitive with his "certain" dislike of his love interest, which made it feel like it was dragging, but other than that it was wonderful!
NovaNyx Rating
It was cute but not quite my type of love story. I felt the MC was very reluctant til the end. I wished it would've had a more obvious build up, meaning more scenes where they get to know one another to develop the feelings they have. Also, if you're looking for a smutty story, this isn't for you. The smut scenes are short and not graphic.
relchan Rating
As a child, Keiji has been able to see the red string of fate that connects people to their destined partner. He has had a crush on his fellow college classmate Yui, so when his red string finally appears, he's excited to see who his intended is...until the string leads him to another man! Destiny keeps bringing the two together in various situations and Keiji soon questions if the attraction they share is true or just due to the string.This is one of my favorite manga of all time! I'm so happy that Renta offers this. This manga is sweet and humorous, a great read for romantics. I think this has something for every yaoi fan and the artwork is beautiful. I highly recommend this manga and hope to see more of the mangaka's other works on Renta.
ebookrenta0d9be7d17 Rating
I loved this!! It's completely adorable, and has a lot of feel-good vibes. The art is great and consistent, and the characters are well rounded and so cute. It's light on sex, so if that's what you're looking for you won't find it here.
aiyimi94 Rating
It was really cute even though it was a bit sad but like a good sad. Either way for a soft bl I really loved this story.
DaisyMae Rating
Is that consent before sex I see??? Thats refreshing.
Uglycreature Rating
I loved absolutely every bit of it. It was really funny, really cute. and it has a great happy ending which I'm usually afraid won't end well because of anxiety but I loved this so much, the writer did so amazing thank you so much. and keep up your work because it's wonderful c:
sanzaru Rating
Good art though some of the pages at the bottom felt cut oddly, story was cute but felt rather short.
moonekon Rating
A fluffy cute read that's easy to pick up and hard to put down! This is probably one of the best mangas I've found on Renta! The lead is relatable and i can sympathize with him and his love interest is so kind and sweet!
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