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retardedapplejuice Rating
Contains: a little bit of gay sex, and a bit of mutual masturbation. The story runs rather smoothly, easy to follow, and the art is quite good. Inconsequential side characters aren't involved too in the love story so there's minimal distraction from them. Overall, I think it's a great title. I definitely recommend it. And as mentioned, it's not all fluff, there is some naughty bits for readers to enjoy.
relchan Rating
As a child, Keiji has been able to see the red string of fate that connects people to their destined partner. He has had a crush on his fellow college classmate Yui, so when his red string finally appears, he's excited to see who his intended is...until the string leads him to another man! Destiny keeps bringing the two together in various situations and Keiji soon questions if the attraction they share is true or just due to the string.This is one of my favorite manga of all time! I'm so happy that Renta offers this. This manga is sweet and humorous, a great read for romantics. I think this has something for every yaoi fan and the artwork is beautiful. I highly recommend this manga and hope to see more of the mangaka's other works on Renta.
daisuke Rating
It's a great story, and worth the buy! The art is clean, the characters are all likeable, but if you're expecting sex to be early on or frequent, it's not here. The manga does a great job with the pacing, so even if sex is all you bought it for, you're going to enjoy the series anyways. The only thing I disliked about it was the protag being rather repetitive with his "certain" dislike of his love interest, which made it feel like it was dragging, but other than that it was wonderful!
zaza Rating
I love the way it started!! It's a good manga, you'd recommend
ccbytheseashore Rating
Soooooo sweet! It felt like a much slower pace than other stories like it, but in the best way! And it was very cute!
alisana Rating
Cute story of a guy who is trying to go against the red string of fate. He has been crushing on a female friend but then he ends up being bound with a guy. Despite denying it, he ends up falling for him.
koontails Rating
A really cute, slightly smutty story to read as a passtime.
Kashewnutt Rating
Very moving and quite dirty at the end
XxREmmqXx Rating
Very very cute short soulmate manga...loved it!
andiekae Rating
This author does such a great job taking a superstition and weaving it into a realistic and heartfelt story about coming to terms with oneself and dealing with emotions. The art is great and nothing about the story feels too rushed. I adored this read and highly recommend it for some quality love manga feels!
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