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Weeb4Life Rating
One of the better HQ titles, I really enjoyed it and love its excellent little twists to common tropes. The lead girl's twin sister is a horrible person, but the manga does a great job explaining why she's like that without excusing her actions; I'm glad it doesn't try hard to force you to like her. The lead lady is kind, loving, patient and demure, but she faces the insults and threats thrown at her with incredible strength and dignity, and is willing to do anything, even potentially give up the baby, if it's in his best interest. The lead man is hot-tempered and aggressively pushy, but unlike most of his trope he's fully aware of his faults and their consequences, so he always tries his best to exercise self-control, feeling bad whenever he fails. I especially love how his personality comes back to bite him when he finds that his son is just as foul-tempered and difficult as he is! The romance is very well done and doesn't feel forced, and both leads truly want the best for the kid.
Dani Rating
Interesting story premise and amazing art but the writing was somewhat lacking.The plot details and execution were good but could have maybe developed the characters better with more volumes. Overall an average read. If you like typical Harlequin stories this is for but if your looking for something with more depth look somewhere else.
Araneae Rating
Okay. Plot felt rushed.
Aslinng Rating
Too short, I wanted more fluff after they confessed to each other Q.Q
Heisayjump Rating
The character really interesting and you can see the plot development
Rabbitfae Rating
It was a new take on an old concept and the characters were very believable.
smellanie Rating
I'm a sucker for the scary mafia guy who pretends to not care about anything trope, so I'm glad I read this one. Cute story, the romance had me uwuing! Plus the guy is hot ;)
KittyKatty Rating
I read the preview and it made it seem so interesting but actually buying it was a little disappointing. It was cute and all but pretty predictable and moved very quickly. I thought she would have a backbone but from the very beginning she was already tripping herself up for him and they "fell in love" in a blink of an eye. I guess I should have expected it since there was only one chapter to buy but oh well. Just wished it was a little more slower paced and worked out their relationship instead of just instaromance
SIM01 Rating
A brilliant story that I love reading again and again.
ebookrenta0fsxcx6ec Rating
I wanted more couldn't put it down. I would like a part 2?
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