User Reviews For: I Would Do Anything for You, You Know? -Captured by an Obsessive Guy-


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Carmen Rating
Wow kinda dark lol but it was worth a read. If you like the obsessives type then this is the book for you.
Delunaeris Rating
This surely took a quick turn to the dark side. Like that title ain't messing around. Like this is an actual yandere Male lead. Not that soft core crap either. I'm talking about crossdressing to gain your trust and drug you yandere. Definitely do not read if you can't handle the protagonist being passionately hugged without her consent, the big R, to be exact. Very much interested in seeing what happen next and how she'll react to finding he had a ding ding instead. Read if you interested in the dark yandere!
Majala Rating
Even if this turns into a great love story, the first "romantic" encounter involves the main love interest drugging the protagonist
laniaash Rating
Welp. Dark indeed, but oh-so intriguing. It's definitely on the non-con side, with a definite yandere lead, but it's really promising. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter.
Risuna Rating
it's an amazing story if you're into yanderes - I have learned that I am not *at least... not him...* - I recommend renting the first chapter if you're curious like I did
Slinky Rating
Wow! Just finished chapter 5. Very sexy and intense but big warming for non-con in every chapter. MC has multiple partners but not out of choice (all forced at this point). Looking forward to more.
ebookrenta0hteo1vr2 Rating
Ok... that was unexpected. I really enjoyed Kaoru's possessiveness of Nana, but the story definitely felt rushed. Because of that, I found it hard to truly connect with the characters and the ending was just like “oh, okay.” This manga is okay if you're in “that” mood, there were some moments that turned me on, but they were brief. The plot was pretty eh.
HorseObsessed Rating
?I do like the obsessives/stalker type of stories because I like to see how the protagonist comes out the winner. I was actually rooting for Kaoru & Nana to end up together. I think, at the end, when he finally told her how he felt, it sounded to me like she may have started to fall for him. & that she may always love him, or she's wishing him luck & happiness in his life. But I'm kind of hoping for the first one. The English title for this story is misleading. It leads you to think that Kaoru's going to win her heart, then it disappoints you with Nanjo winning. The ending is disappointing.?
Javen Rating
This is one hell of a twist
Maya Rating
It's very interesting so far,if a darker romance is your thing then I'd recommend.
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