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Bellpepper69 Rating
The art is great. A good pick if you like more twisted characters. I'm really enjoying it so far.
nbyk Rating
I'd say 3 and a half. Some dub-con, if you like it, there's some foot stuff.There's internal homophobia too
tinmae Rating
I enjoy reading it
dirtyangeltoes Rating
Probably one of my favorite manga on Renta! It's the perfect mixture of smut and beautiful art that I love, with an erotic plot line to bring it all together.
winkitty Rating
Definitely not your typical BL! The title has obsession for a reason. Honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel reading this. It deals a bit with homophobia; though they don't really delve further than the "closeted homophobic" trope, the characters are interesting enough to keep you reading. The first two volumes may seem a little slow on Makoto's part, but by volume 6 its mostly balanced out (best volume btw. Loved Makoto's crying face so cute ;v;). I really wished it got more in depth with the characters feelings, hopefully there's a continuation that'll express that but until then!
mizore Rating
Skskksks they both really resemble the characters from my own webtoon XD But have very different personalities. Seme is a wacko lol and Makoto finally giving in are so cute I wonder if there's chapter 7
radish Rating
Got a different vibe to it than most BL, but it was interesting and cute ! :)
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