User Reviews For: He Drank a Love Potion!? -Work Hard, Then Play Harder-


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hachicast Rating
The art is wonky and needs more work.The transition from one scene to the next is hard to follow. Or maybe too simple? Either way it's a good start. I'll be reading chapter two.
RinChan99 Rating
I love how it focuses only to the main characters and the plot without adding some unnecessary problems. If you like simple and light reading then this is for you.
I enjoyed this series. The book stay focused on its plot, a love potion, and actually developed the heroine, Hinako, a research-aholic, and of course, virgin -- all in three chapters. Hinako and Ryo are friggin cute and sexy, their love scenes steamy and sweet. What I found unnecessary was the other two "confessions". I cannot fathom how the two would ever cross path with Hinako but author just threw it in so oh-kaay. They confessed to Hinako out of the blue and it was left at that, which I guess I'm glad because we can focus on the main characters' relationship. I'm happy to see that Ryo have loved Hinako before the love potion incident. It was nice reading along as Hinako fumbled her way through her feelings: her guilt at the love potion, realization of her love towards Ryo, acknowledgment and pained that it was her mistake that was manipulating Ryo's true feelings. A total sweet and short read.
HorseObsessed Rating
?The artwork is very good, I like the story, I think it's really cute.? I'll be rereading this.?
sasaraRH Rating
Absolutely a cute and lovable short Manga. The artwork i enjoyed and thought the storyline was enjoyable.For me i wish there could been a little more use made out of the other confessions when it came to the other guys besides Ryo, but besides that its a cute, lovable story, and i personally like the art style.Recommend if you're looking for a good, cute, heart warming, some nice H scenes, read. :)
ChyouRose Rating
Story and art is so cute and sexy! It happened pretty fast though.
sakura14 Rating
It's your basic story if you read ebooks art can be bad and odd but overall the price is good
saphire929 Rating
Very short but very interesting start
sweettea517 Rating
The art is super cute/nice and they really jumped into the steamy scenes in the first chapter... lol. Can't wait to see where this goes!
Yahiko03 Rating
What the heck did I just read?! This is kind of all over the place. And the drawing is a bit off. I'll pass
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