User Reviews For: Please Keep Turning Me Down (It Gets Me Going.)


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Arts ok. Plot is interesting so far. This reeks of dubious consent. So if that's not your thing, skip. I'm just curious if we get some backstory on why this guy is like this. He's done a total 180. He's a liar. I'm curious though if he can redeem himself. I'm hoping in the next chapter either she kicks him in the family jewels or her bro rescues her.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
Keeping the sadistic tag in mind. I think to be sadistic towards another you need to be like that from the beginning or gradually show your true colors. Maybe that was suppose to be a gradual change, but it felt like the Male MC changed personalities in the blink of an eye. BUT if I read this in middle school, I'd totally buy that 180° change in personality. I do like it, but I also can't help critiquing. I still want to read the next chapters.
Risuna Rating
"oh my goodness she's so lucky!" is the only thought I had when reaching the end of the first chapter - I super can't wait til the next chapter~! This seems like it's going to be a great story for anyone who's into the sadistic type *as the tag mentions*
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