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Thenameislynn Rating
Oneshots or short stories are usually not my cup of tea. But the premise and type of characters are ALL up my alley. Fast paced n easily resolved misunderstandings. But yankee boys smut definitely made up for it.I had a pleasant surprise when i saw the second part of the manga cos I was obsessed with the couples when i saw the mangaka tweeted about it quite recently. It was an overall good read.
Not much focus on story. Author created hot sx, hot HS boys, cute college students, and hot foreign college students, though, to make up for it. Haha. Two chapters about couples on cover page. Two chapters about Ryu's (seme) former uke/right hand man. Two chapters, but one each, on two college students being a host for two foreign students from another country. Honestly, I enjoyed the collegeXstudy abroad students more--they had potentials but probably won't get a story.
funbrillo Rating
I think this is an okay rental only. I fluctuate between giving a 3 or 4 star rating but 3.5 is probably more appropriate. I decided on the 3 star because I felt it was not very rereadable for me. If you are looking for lots of smut then I think it is fine. The stories/one-shots move quickly and I wanted to like the main couple but they could have used more development and maybe established more that they now cared for each other. Same will the rival's romance. I think all stories could have been longer. There was some good humor used at times though.
BlackBelle Rating
Multiple stories, and no real focus on plot. The only thing tying the stories together is that the protagonists are all in school. First two stories focus on the delinquents, then it's like a completely separate book with a different story type, focusing on foreign exchange students from some weird tribe where the women are boss and kill tigers and the men are pansies. I so wasn't expecting such a sharp left turn on the plot focus. I loved the delinquent stories. The second half with the exchange students not so much.
YUKI93 Rating
- SPOILER ALERT: This is a manga three two-chapter story -At first, I thought it would be long story involving the librarians. It turned out to be not only just, but also a completely different story involving college student and a tribesman. Maybe because there is a relation about being the pet, so the college student and tribesman story is in here as well.If you only focus on vanilla relationship with high focus on the storyline, you won't get it here. If you are more into smut, do consider this manga.
HorseObsessed Rating
I really like this story. You should check this out.?
KiwiKamikaze Rating
I felt that the pacing was really fast and could have elaborated on more points to get me more invested in the characters and stories so I was a bit disappointed in that aspect but the art wasn't too bad.
Raea Rating
I liked every of these stories :)
Darkfirecat06 Rating
This was amazing. I would love to read more by the author. You have to read it.
Mintzu Rating
I actually liking the 2nd and 3rd story more. The first one feels kinda flat and predictable. The kurtikan tribe men are really adorable. Worth it
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