User Reviews For: To Ninja Love Is to Ninja Live -Is the Man I Love Infatuated with Me?-


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Maharet20 Rating
Love it!!! I love how the both main characters are secretly in love with each other and keep hiding it. They are perfect.
Pangpond Rating
OMG! l love this so much!! Can't wait for next chapter!?
fruebd Rating
Really sweet & a likable MC. Excited for more
kathleenkeely Rating
can the next book come out faster please!
aquarose Rating
I'm gonna give this one five stars because of 3 things :First, the story line is reaaally well developed and I like how every chapter has its own suspense and excitement at the end.Second, because of how cute the art is.And finally, because of how HAWT the main character is!! Seriously if you love a good feudal era romance you're gonna love this one.
kabage Rating
Would recommend this! The heroine is hardworking and kind! And the couple is cute together, hope they realise each other's feelings soon! Can't wait to read the next chapter
DayStar1 Rating
It's a sweet story, I love the artwork, the storyline, and how the relationship betwix the main characters is loving, consensual, and has lots of misunderstandings.
lightmelody23 Rating
I love the art a lot. In the 4th chapter we get to see a different point of view. I always enjoy reading different points of views in stories. Leaves me with a warm feeling knowing that both mc's care for each other.
yukiwookie Rating
I love this story so much! The female MC is so adorable and innocent, and the male MC is so damn hot, sexy and adorably possessive. It's hard to find beautiful story as this. Totally worth buying
m2stinn Rating
Please do not leave me with this cliff hanger I gotta know what happens.
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