User Reviews For: To Ninja Love Is to Ninja Live -Is the Man I Love Infatuated with Me?-


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blackestvoid Rating
This is such a cute read. MC is not too bright but adorable. She misunderstood the ML but I'm hoping eventually she will realize the truth. Def worth the purchase. I'm a sucker for stories where the leads met as kids and get together later as adults.
Lulu1112 Rating
I can't believe I almost teared up reading the 3rd chapter even though this series is a bit cliched??? This series is pretty cliched yet really cute so far. It's about a strong yet clumsy girl called Ayame who gets engaged to her childhood love Master Shoma whom she thinks loves another girl. Ayame is pretty ditzy but in a super adorable way and Master Shoma is cool and composed, but also really cares about Ayame. Ayame is very cute and pretty, super thicc, and Master Shoma is just hoooooooooot.
AppleHime Rating
Ahhhhhh!!! All the misunderstandings!! I'm absolutely in love with this story and I cannot wait until the next chapter m!
cheesyB Rating
Love the female lead- clumsy, strong and cute- my favorite combo. She fangirls over the male lead but she's just so adorable that everyone likes her. The artwork is great and I love the comedic parts included here. Can't wait for next release
Ricelily Rating
It's pretty cute, I miss the freakishly strong sweet girl, the art lovely and the story is pretty captivating.
sleeper195 Rating
Really like it!
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
GOD TIER LEVEL!!! You will love it, the hottest ever!
Binxbun Rating
I love the pacing and the art is well done. The small jokes were a nice touch as well that came through in the translation.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Yay! Why do i missed this manga damn! It's really good the guy is sooooo hot
arrowind Rating
Absolutely love this story. One of my faves
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