User Reviews For: Behind His Smile [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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idgal Rating
I like bl with kids as they are cute and add some innocence. This story wasn't that great, the uke is rather forced into a relationship rather heavy handily. Sure he suffers from self esteem issues but the seme never really says anything to reassure him till later after forcing him into a relationship.
funbrillo Rating
This is actually a super cute story. No real drama except an uke with low self esteem. The seme is bossy but constantly working at getting his feelings of love across. It was super cute with the kid and cat thrown in. I now plan to read the two other series by this author. Apparently, the brothers/cousins the seme keeps mentioning are in the two other series.
trebecka84 Rating
Cute little family story
JazzyWazzy Rating
if you want something fluffy, here is a story for you!!! it just warms you up cause its too cute!!! lol
CadetJune Rating
Aww, this was so cute and the emotional development was really sweet
LMonster2 Rating
This was an amazing volume. It was so cute the relationship between the main characters and how they both cared for the little brother of the love interest. It was uber sweet and you won't be disappointed!
Enderblade234 Rating
This is really cute and a good read
Viviheartfilia Rating
Super adorable
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