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GregorIAN Rating
I would wait until there's more out to judge because right now, I hate the one guy, and I'm hoping the other bonks off with his work friend.
kyokobaby Rating
This is shaping up to be better than I originally thought. There's something very endearing about the art and humor that kept me reading, and I'm glad I did, because more character development is coming into play :)
sdab Rating
The art was cute, but I kept waiting to find out why Kei took calls during sex and there just didn't seem to be any reason for that or any of Kei's behaviour other than he was a spoiled brat with no self awareness and no regard for anyone's feelings but his own
Broesa Rating
I took a chance on this story. From the premise it seemed ordinary but once you get into the flow, this story takes you on a surprising trip. It's one of those stories you cannot judge from the first chapter, you must take it in as a whole. Even the side characters are charming in their own way! I really do look forward to sensei's next stories if it's as good as this one.
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