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rexroy101 Rating
It was okay. Good art, but middle of the road writing. If you're into it, you're into it, but it won't be mind changing.
eesyyyy Rating
It was a light read, perfect for those just wanting a quick read with nice art. The story of the first couple didn't really feel all that executed well. Almost no smut. Just fluffy things, yet I found myself not caring too much about what happens. The uke is certainly cute, but isn't too much of the level of crybaby that I was expecting for especially when its in the title (in my opinion). However the second couple is super good!! I loved the dynamic of the characters there. I really love the art style as well.Overall, I recommend for people who don't want to read anything serious and just want something fluffy to pass time. Take note this is just written from my POV! Tastes can differ :)
byleth Rating
I loved the stories in this so much although I wish there was more about the couple in the 2nd part and more kinky stuff in it but I figured this was more of the fluffy story type and I don't mind that once in awhile! Hopefully more works from this author shows up in this site they look so wholesome! I'm overall satisfied
Satomiss Rating
the art is extremely adorable. I dig this kind of drawings and the story is good. I do have a problem understanding the sentence and need to re read a few times. not sure whether it's originally articulated poorly, or because of the translation that's done subpar. overall great manga. hope to see more titles from this author.
LMonster2 Rating
I love this story so much. I want more though. Although I am happy with how this story started and ended, it doesn't feel complete. There are side characters I want to see the stories of and the main characters, I want more! But you will love these two love bugs!
Zakksu Rating
Pretty good story! Very sweet and straight to the point! The extra story was also nice!
CarmillaKarnstein Rating
Nice art but just full of sexual assault in each story. You can tell it started as a one-shot then got expanded because character backstory keept changing and contradicting what had been established in the first chapter. Basically regret the money I spent on it, nothing special and wouldn't re-read.
vanlee84 Rating
I love this author. This book was a great read. Thank you.
Yukihyo Rating
It's a pretty nice story (there are two different stories in this volume btw) Both of them have their own uunique charm, but I preferred the second one more, personally. The art is really cute and I just loved some of the facial expressions drawn on the characters. Overall, it's a pretty cute read :)
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