User Reviews For: Prone to His Teasing -Driven Wild By My Blind Date's Fingers-


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Slinky Rating
Really turns out to be quite sweet from chapter 3. Love a good bully romance
bunniefufu Rating
After finishing Book 3/Ch. 3, I love this story.It has great character development and helps the reader see perspective. I have no idea if this story ends after this but what I do know is that, if it does and you want something short, loving, with great art, YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE.
fluffykitty Rating
I honestly bought this because the story seemed okay, I was hooked on the art alone. The art is so beautiful, and the story is actually pretty decent. I found myself genuinely wanting to watch their relationship unfold. I don't regret my purchase, and recommend you buy the first chapter to try it out.
monolith Rating
This is everything I love in romance. Heart wrenching conflict, beautiful art, sexxxy love scenes. Ahh I'm hooked
Guest Rating
I'm feeling this story alot!! I hope there won't be long waits for the chapters!! It's pretty hot!!
ebookrenta0cciw6egp Rating
Yes yes yes! Okay so at first Tomoe is this flowery, timid girl that cant express her feelings, but later she finds her courage and it just ignites this romance even more. She might still be timid when it comes to her desires, but she can say what's bothering her after her bully beau proves his own feelings to her. Such beautiful art, the story is so so soo cute. You might not like the troupe this starts out with, but please keep reading, the dynamic changes! Easily one of my faves.
lovesfiction97 Rating
Wasn't a bad read. Stands out a little because of how mutual the love is. They're relatively equally obsessed (as opposed to a lot of these smut manga where the relationship feels very uneven emotion-wise). The male lead is kind of a dick tho. How irritating it is, is tempered by how much he loves the female lead. But he's still kind of a dick. Harps on the female lead sometimes as if he's not just as flawed.
HishamXNadzra Rating
Wooooaaaah.. Soooo hot! I really like this one the scenes are quite amazing as ever. He's really a badass when it comes to bed. Haha i like the pace and the art is really great!. Thanks erenta this is wonderful.
Closerrr Rating
So hot!!! I love how he's a bit mean to her, but he loves her so much as well.And the art! *whewwww* So sexy! I especially like how they focus on Kyosuke's face as well, and from ALL angles. *fan me, please!
Missselah Rating
I was falling asleep last night and all I could think of was this story! Eagerly waiting the next release.
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