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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Yay!!! This is gooood. It really moves along rather fast, but you get a good feel for both Shusei the overachieving omega and Jin the top alpha at school. Though no one knows that Shusei is an omega except for Jin and he uses this to his advantage. I feel bad for Shusei, his dad seems so critical. And I honestly think that Jin has truly always liked Shusei and finally found his in. Arts very nice and I really want to see this pair last!
Catalyste Rating
It's ok in that it's a lukewarm story about an Omega posing as an Alpha at an elite Alpha school and getting busted by his rival. It's a pretty quick read and all hurdles are settled pretty quickly. I suppose the one thing I liked is Shusei's reaction to those problems. He actually fights back and he's so forthright that it leaves no room in his mind for the typical insecurities we'd see in other Omegaverse stories.Only buy it if you want to keep another story in your Omegaverse collection, otherwise just rent.
tep1one Rating
Omg! This story is great. I can't wait for the next one. Hot and fun
Cygnus Rating
Omegaverse started off with typical scenario of alpha blackmailing a strong will omega (who pretending to be alpha in top alpha school) into having sex. As story progresses, they become super cute couple. I love the art, and awesome passionate sex scenes. I would LOVE to see the continuation story of their life journey together. Definitely a good omegaverse that I can re-read over and over again.
LoveSmith Rating
I enjoyed this manga. The art style is beautifully drawn and the story line is fast paced but well developed. I would have like to see the parents involvement in their relationship as that would have a been a nice twist. But overall its a nice BL relationship and it will definitely satisfy your omega/alpha needs.
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
It wasn't a bad read. I want to say it is great at first. I just think the development of characters bothered me. SPOILER ALERT (nonetheless I'd like to read the conclusion) iitt is still pretty interesting, since I like omegaverse. The MC trusted his rival, but one small bump in the road made him do a 180 on their closeness. Like hold on. I get that it is a problem but to that extent?
Seireiyuu Rating
Awesome story!
rfaith69 Rating
Omg!!!! I love it!! The way the author wrote each character is amazing. And the ending! Just wow! I won't give any hints, or spoilers. You just have to read it yourself and find out!
final19912004 Rating
Liked the story and the flow of it. One of a must reads for omegaverse.Wish to get some extras or a sequel :-)
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely loved the entire story it wasn't to fast paced or to slow.
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