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HallsOfIvy Rating
Honestly, I dislike writing reviews, but this series is honestly one of the best that I have found on this site. It's quite disappointing how the website's algorithm doesn't showcase great series like this and instead showcases whatever gets it on the fastest. The story between the two is absolutely adorable and they have a mutual understanding despite being from two completely different worlds and not even knowing each other's names. It's not some generic fap and go story, but rather a cute story that focuses on the two's issues and creating a strong relationship first. I find myself looking forward to new chapters each time, and I truly hope others can enjoy this as much as I have. Completely worth the money :)
dongtheggplant Rating
I'm so happy this manga is finally being translated! I bought the raws a long time ago because the author makes such unique BLs and omigod, just like her previous works, this is fluffy. Slowburn romance and a cute couple. So happy I can finally read this AND understand it at the same time. I highly recommend!
LetMeIn Rating
Absolutely a beautiful story. As two lonely people from different worlds with huge responsibilities on their shoulders meet, they feel the similarities and curiosity towards each other and slowly grow closer. It's a slow burn story, I love their interaction since it feels so very genuine. Not many smexy times but honestly I think this doesn't need any, it's merely a plus, the story's that wonderful.
ebookrenta0iqj5ubyl Rating
Absolutely beautiful! The floral theme makes the art so pretty. Not a "sex right off the bat" kind of story -- great characters and a hot, slow build!
GregorIAN Rating
A solid story with solid characters who have their own concerns (virtues and flaws) who find their way together in a surprisingly realistic manner (slow burn), but the love feels amazingly fundamental at the end. Like it is believable how they go about their final decision, demanding perhaps for the first time to have their worlds suit them (which leads to benefits for the people they were bending themselves into pieces attempting to please). So good. If there was a paperback English version, it would be in an envelop on its way to my door.
Cheshire Rating
Cute art and series. I liked the flower arrangement themes and it's not super fast-paced. Looking forward to the manga-ka's future works.
naniaquien Rating
First chapter is basically an introduction so nothing much happens apart from the leads meeting. This seems like it might actually be slow burn so I'm interested in seeing how it turns out.
Sneggs Rating
A fantastic story, very touching.
AoShigure Rating
Despite being 18+ this was such a wholesome read! The pacing is great and the main guys are very likable. When they get together it isn't rushed and it feels like a naturally progressive relationship. Definitely worth checking out if you prefer romance over smut.
ChoSai Rating
What an unbelievably sweet story of two souls the feel trapped and how they found freedom in each other. Beautiful illustrations and good writing.
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