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LOL, the story hook is funny. Ohdai and Atsuto are cute in their own ways. Ohdai is too focused on the lust gauge to notice that Atsuto's gauge reacts to him only, poor Atsuto. After an encounter with a groper whose lust gauge broke and fearing that that may be Atsuto soon, Ohdai decided to keep his friend's lust gauge from breaking. Ohdai may have just dug his own grave in trying to help Atsuto :D haha. Can't wait to see when Ohdai realizes his feelings for Atsuto and when Atsuto will confess his love.
radish Rating
Omg haha this is so funny and cute!! "Why art thou horny to the max?!" I'm dyingg
Achromatic Rating
Two bros chilling in a hot tub five feet apart cause they're not gay.
Spongeboob Rating
10/10; such a great blend of humor and sexiness with an interestingly strange plotline and a cute art style! Excluding the horniness bar concept and the lack of proper anal sex preparation (how it usually is in this genre), it paints an emotionally realistic and funny view on how two guys end up going from bffs to fwb. Main character is a bit stupid, but his determination and innocence is endearing and makes up for his cluelessness. I laughed out loud numerous times at the well-timed writing, which is not something that happens often. Nice job!
bluedeer Rating
Hilarious, lighthearted manga! I love the combination of a stoned-faced character who's completely enthralled with an naive character. Has a great plot device which throws off characters in a funny way. Would recommend if you love hilarious and absurd situations bring people together. (It is quite fast in the sexual uptake if you're also into that)
PerfidiousFate Rating
It's super cute and funny so far! Main character's obliviousness is to the max. Looking forward to more!
rentatheo Rating
This is really fun to read, I wonder what would happened when the protagonist realized that his best friend has the hots for him
twincest Rating
That was hilarious lol. Very cute.
PennyDreadful Rating
Cute concept. Only first chapter right now, but looks really promising. Looking forward to more. Cute, naive main character and his stone-faced bestie getting it on.
SapphireNight Rating
When's the next one they can't just leave it there!
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