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jvega91 Rating
Love the story so far. Can't wait for the story to progress. A lot of built up tension between them.
nonarygamed Rating
Love the tension and the art, and fair warning that there is incest starting in vol 9 if that is something you don't want to read. Still a super hot read!
GrimLuciel Rating
Really loved seeing two buff men switching!! And then suddenly hard brother incest popped up randomly. I'm OUT.
AinoKusabi Rating
The farther the story goes, the better it gets. Of course, it's got the classic smut, considering the theme. But the two men, especially Daiki are interesting. I get a sense, Daiki's quite clever but he's chosen to hide his feelings. I hope the chapters continue.
Babygirl33 Rating
Cant wait for more. Love how the story is going.
Overdressed Rating
This was very unsuspected, but hot as hell. But umm...brothers shouldn't be this close ?
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