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jvega91 Rating
Love the story so far. Can't wait for the story to progress. A lot of built up tension between them.
GrimLuciel Rating
Really loved seeing two buff men switching!! And then suddenly hard brother incest popped up randomly. I'm OUT.
KawaiiNeko Rating
This is such a great yaoi manga! I love the chemistry between Sogo and Daiki, and like their struggle with who will be dominant of the two. I also like the idea of two tops battling for dominance, you don't see this very often, at least I haven't.Yes, there is a moment of incest, which I usually don't mind incest in yaoi when they are the focus couple, but in this manga's case it was abrupt, unnecessary, and out of nowhere. It's only one sexual act in chapter 9, and it's over before you know it. I like to think it didn't happen just because it had no point to be there and just threw me off. Besides that, this yaoi hits all the good spots. The artwork is nice, the sex scenes are hot, even the sexual tension definitely revs you up. I love it, and I can't wait for more chapters. ^_^
nonarygamed Rating
Love the tension and the art, and fair warning that there is incest starting in vol 9 if that is something you don't want to read. Still a super hot read!
AlicesWhoreHouse Rating
I mean don't get me wrong I was super into it at first. But I feel like it should have ended ages ago now a bunch of random crap keeps getting thrown in and I'm gotten so bored of the story. Just feels like the writer is just throwing things in to seem edgy now the story line had really gone downhill. I say buy the first few chapters then just be done with this story.
AinoKusabi Rating
The farther the story goes, the better it gets. Of course, it's got the classic smut, considering the theme. But the two men, especially Daiki are interesting. I get a sense, Daiki's quite clever but he's chosen to hide his feelings. I hope the chapters continue.
Babygirl33 Rating
Cant wait for more. Love how the story is going.
SqueezeBabe Rating
Delicious art and a cute story line.
Ayala55 Rating
It went on a good while and I enjoyed it but it feels a little unresolved. I can't help but want more of these two.
Indigo Rating
I love this story. The characters are so good and I love seeing Daiki and Sogo pretend they aren't crazy about each other lol.