User Reviews For: How to Train a Crossdressing Boss


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Fabijoonie Rating
Really cute and funny! A little rushed in the end, the chief's complex about not being cute could be explored more in my opinion. But is a good, funny and sexy read
ChattyK2125 Rating
I love how Subaru falls for Yoshiki and just wants to make him more beautiful.
BlackBelle Rating
I liked it. I enjoyed the art and story, but took a star off for unoriginality.
Anonym Rating
Hoped clear consent would be given after the first chapter but not really. I hate these kind of mangas that are great otherwise
nbyk Rating
I bought the whole thing, but didn't finish it. It feels too forced and I don't like that
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Wow, I totally didn't think I'd be into this, but I loved it! That cross dressing was hot, I may have a new kink. I totally recommend this. Cute, sweet story, happy ending, nice art, hot sex, you can't ask for anything more.
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