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Broesa Rating
I'll be honest, I brought this because of the art--its very pretty. The plot seems like the typical Mafia-Yaoi story, but it has potential to surprise you? I would rec renting it if you're not sure. I'll be sure to review again when this is complete.
ebookrenta0tivrzvkc Rating
I loved it! The H scenes were so sexy I had shivers but overall it was a surprisingly light story most of the time. The comedy was totally on point and had me laughing my head off at the end. Honestly, I'm just glad the MC wasn't as naive as I thought him out to be.
Ran10 Rating
Definitely your standard Mafia trope of "I don't wanna succeed the group" but the art was very pretty and honestly it was a hella cute story, I really liked it. Though I wish we got a last chapter with him having grown up
radish Rating
The art is totally gorgeous, the H scenes are super erotic, and the comedy is so over the top I love it :^)
luckylucktim Rating
It was a decent story, I liked it and recommend it too.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Art is gorgeous. Storyline seems really original and I already really want to know more about the two leads. The fifth boss to be is so cute!!!! His attendant seems pretty mysterious. Need more!!!! Thank you!
BringMeTheSmut Rating
Wow, I rented the first chapter and immediately bought the rest. I loved everything about this, the art, the story, the sex scenes. I found it engrossing and different.
kikikiwi1 Rating
Art was great and the story line was cute. Wish we could have seen how their lives ended up but overall a great story.
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