User Reviews For: The Good Luck Story of an Unlucky Guy


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Apolomani Rating
A very cute idea!! I dislike how occasionally the art can be visually confusing and created slight difficulties when reading. Other than that I find the story fascinating and fantastical. Quite an interesting read, and I'm excited for more :)
Laurier Rating
Really great and cute ! The art is pretty and you can't help but feel bad for Tori and his never-ending bad luck. Plus the story has great potential between Hiro whose motives don't look like they're genuine at all, Tori's cute innocence and this new friend full of good luck. I can't wait to see how the relationship between each character will develop and if good things will finally happen to Tori !
fuyuyume Rating
like the story altogether. But no matter how much Hiro tries I think his intention will always be Tori whether consciously or not. He may try to transfer to Ryoma but I think it will still get Tori. Any ritual performed is not only done by intention but desire as well, his desire has always been for Tori to be hurt so he (Hiro) would be needed. Spells/rituals thrive on intention and desire, Desire is ALWAYS stronger.
yellowdoors Rating
what the fuck!! It was so good!!!! Why did it end on a cliff hanger!!??!
michelle77754 Rating
Damn Hiro!
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