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LetMeIn Rating
Gosh I haven't had this much fun reading a manga in ages! I am absolutely in LOOOVVEEE with the bottom! He's righteous, strong, caring busybody with a quick temper. The top seems cool and intriguing but is actually your average sulky teen with a cute side. Both "brothers" slowly come to terms with their parents' remarriage. The story is great, the characters are amazing (I'm a fan of the twin sisters too!), character development is fantastic and I love the art style and how expressive their faces are. I'm not 100% fan of how easily they drunkenly went at it, but their reactions the next morning were the best, nothing like your cliche yaois. 10/10 would reread this every day.
chippoki Rating
I feel like the way the MCs got together was too rushed and lacking? I wish the author could have shown us more how they developed feelings for each other. It felt more like a fling tbh and there just wasn't any substance to it. It wasn't really convincing that they actually love each other. I love the twins so much though and the dad.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
The story is a bit cliche and I personally found it boring and bland. The writing just doesn't jump out or offer anything new, but it's not by any means a bad manga. The artwork is decent and it does have some cute moments, but don't expect too much. A bit hit or miss IMO. Some people will love it while others will probably hate it.
Rosemarie77 Rating
Buy it read it and read it again. No stereotypical tropes here. The urk is top stuff and the sisters are bad to the bone. Loved it
squarechestnut Rating
I could imagine it as a fanfic of Fugou Keiji, where Haruya is Daisuke Kambe and Shogo is Haru. The resemblance is uncanny that I keep visualizing it as them. As for the story, it was interesting at first, but the way they ended it seems lacking. Also, Shogo's reaction about their first sex felt short. It's like the story just plainly stated that Shogo has already accepted he's now gay because of it, it's unconvincing. With regards to the drawings, they're somewhat hot, but not to the point that it reaches my threshold. Good thing I just rented it.
Magicalkyubei Rating
Honestly one of the best books I've read on Renta!! The story is great, the characters are even better and the artwork and love scenes are amazing! If you are on the fence at all, do yourself a favor and get this book!!!
SadAsian Rating
Super cute
LMonster2 Rating
This was a great story about two guys falling for each other when the odds were against them. It is fun and exciting to see the development of these characters. You will enjoy this.
Jianhirame26 Rating
Oh my word I love this story! I love how much of a badass the uke is and the fact that he's a bottom too!! The seme seems like such a snobby dude at first but he really grows on me!! I don't see a problem with the brother to brother sexual relationship only because they technically got together before too much with the parents happened ya know? Plus the art is absolutely amazing!!! I have read many mangas but this author's art is my absolute favorite!! Totally worth the $$$
eferma Rating
i really like the uke (/\)\(^o^)/
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