User Reviews For: An Extramarital Quartet -The Detective and the Wife-


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Sighz Rating
Loved it all! The characters, premise, art, interactions. The two main characters have great interactions & steamy scenes. I would definitely recommend
Inaenka Rating
I think it's an interesting story, the characters are well defined, and the hot scenes are so sexy! I would like to read another stories of this author.
ebookrenta0oncn1ijz Rating
The Story is so good.. pls upload the ch ???
ebookrenta0cksy5oe1 Rating
SO WORTH IT! Scumbag of a husband who cheats with the FL's sister but idk I can't hate them both fully. Older ML is sooo cute, get you a guy like him for reals. ????
yukiwookie Rating
I love the girl/FL, how strong she is, sacrificing herself/making herself look bad for both her ( selfish) sister (ugh!??) and husband so that these cheaters can have their happiness ?. Really happy even more when the hot ML is in love with her? All is not lost!
peichi Rating
HOT damn the detective ML is really sexy and attractive! Would honestly read the manga just for him, but thankfully it's a great, unique story, with hot consensual sex scenes and gorgeous art. Right now I find the sister and husband pretty detestable, especially the sister, but I'm curious how the story will develop.
Honeyviolet Rating
I love the artwork and the story feels more mature compared to other mangas. Rei and Mika are so adorable and funny together
drawjessiedraw Rating
I barely write reviews, so the fact I'm writing one means dis gon be good! It's a very very fresh take on infidelity, the two protags are extremely likeable and the detective is very charming and funny! I'm really looking forward to this one <3
genkichu Rating
Story is good. Characters are good!
chouchou Rating
Beautiful art. The cheating/affair has an intriguing reason behind it, and the main male lead is funny, thoughtful, and sweet. It's a detective drama story with some good smut&romance. Very well balanced. Highly recommend!
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