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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow!!!! What an interesting concept. It feels so fresh even through the whole freaky Friday switchero isn't new. I like that this might be divine retribution for their bad karma. Maybe valuable life lessons or what not will be learned. Or just some really funny situations. Either way I'm enjoying this one already and next please!!!
Microwavey Rating
For some reason I thought that this relationship would jump into sex and a steamy get-together for the couple, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the opposite. Both characters are reacting in a believably human way. They were both adults with active sex lives but this sudden change in their biology meant that they had to take a step back and reevaluate how they'd been living up to this point. I think it's a really good story so far, in case anyone is curious about how someone feels after a couple chapters. Definitely worth checking out. I love seeing characters who see things from other perspectives, whether or not they do it because they consciously want to or not.
Nightingale Rating
Omg. I love the characters. They are so cute and funny. The main girl seems pretty calm and logical which is just perfect. The story is interesting. I can't wait to read what will happen after.
Lady Surreal Rating
I laughed so much, this was great, looking forward to reading more.
lovesfiction97 Rating
It's actually pretty interesting so far.
PassionDevourer Rating
I love the dynamic of the characters. Looking forward to what comes next.
pandaquit Rating
I loved it soooo much!!! Both characters develop so we'll and actually all the characters are very charismatic and I just wish everyone to be happy! The male lead becomes such a sweetie and and the female lead is super adorable. It's a very refreshing body swap story, and it has everything you need to feel touched and laugh and cry and by the end you'll be very happy and satisfied. I highly recommend!!
C0mics4Kara Rating
Interesting beginning. I'm guessing that they will hook up, I wonder how quickly and if it will be heart warming... or not ;)
keijipeiji Rating
THE CURRENT CHAPTER AAAAA I COULDN'T HELP BUT SCREAM! Their dynamic started out in the weirdest way (instead of switching bodies, they only switched genitals lol) but I really love how the development of their r/ship feels so natural? it doesn't need the sparkly heart fluttering moments since they're like buddies, but you can definitely feel that their chemistry is getting better. Chapter 9 is very good!!! and I can expect 'that' happening on Kento's side first since,,, he's such a 'shoujo' haha.
Dango Rating
love this comic! it doesnt rush but its not too slow either so you get to know the characters properly.
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