User Reviews For: Drugless Intercourse [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Definitely worth the $$$. This was funny, steamy and at times really cute. The ukes were a bit melodramatic for my taste, but Enzo likes it that way I guess. Art is incredible. Also this is like a spin-off of sorts of the omegaverse. Like how the couples had to like each other (however much) before going crazy on each other lol !!!! Very good!!!
funbrillo Rating
I love this mangaka! I was so excited to see it translated into English. I highly recommend anything by Enzo. I enjoyed all the stories. The ones set in the
vanlee84 Rating
I love Enzo art style. This manga is wild and beautiful. Such a fan read. All the couples were great. The stalker story was my favorite,oh my gosh!! Crazy,toxic, obsessive love is awesome.
GrimLuciel Rating
Everytime I buy a multi-couple manga one couple is /too/ weird. This is one with a very weird couple. The concept is very omegaverse but more confusing. Art is pretty as always by this mangaka. But one of the last couples having sex while they are surrounded by the tops baby pictures is too much for this fujoshi.
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