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Mrsmangame123 Rating
What the heck?! Why is this so impossibly cute? I love love love when both parties have held on to their own unrequited love for one another. Kouen has kept the young heir Higure, to the shrine his family and ancestors have protected for years close to his heart and has watched him from afar. At the same time Higure has always thought back to their only encounter. What happens when Kouen goes searching for the boy he's gonna make his wife? Oh a bit of manipulation and a whole lotta goodness. Next chapter please!!! Loving this already. Arts great too!!!
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
I definitely loved the SMUT!! I can't say the storyline is good or bad. I'm still a little confused about that lol. Is there consent? Not at first (teasing?) Then yes, but only because being left high and dry sucks. I do love the art work and questionable personalities each of the characters have, but there is no flow to their interactions with each other AKA that escalated quickly. 3.5 stars from me
Ricelily Rating
This is a quick, smutty read. The characters are a bit one dimensional but they have potential if given the chance. The story is written like a one-shot h****i where things tend to escalate quickly. Personally, I rented the series for 48hrs and it's good enough for me.
Babo Rating
BTSandOOR07 Rating
Woah! That escalated quickly. Looking forward to see what happens next!
shirutsune Rating
I love the art and looks like it'll be interesting from here on out.
samunin Rating
It's a bit fast-paced, but that's okay because the uke makes up for it. He's so adorable and the smut scenes are quite nice. Very little censorship, which makes it even better. The characters are nice and I cannot wait for the next chapter and hope it comes out soon!
mhmellie Rating
This is so hot and cute!! I love how they both have been pinning for each other these long years!
Summer Rating
Sorry, I rented both chapters and gave it a shot but I really didn't enjoy this one. somehow its really popular so i suppose if you like fast pace smut with intense art then u might like it but to me, some of the faces and postures in the smut scenes were so exaggerated I felt uncomfortable looking at him. When he was just being his curious self, the demon was drawn beautifully and he was very cute, but the quality of the art in all the other characters was really inconsistent. I just hope people don't read this solely because of its popularity like I did, but instead take time to find the perfect manga on Renta for you, cos there are some gems here.
Akiru Rating
The art is great, as is story, can't wait to read more!
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