User Reviews For: Everything Beyond Kissing Is a Breach of Contract! -My Strict Boss Won't Stop Loving Me-


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soundslikeromance Rating
I'm looking forward to more chapters. While stylistically it does feel a little older, I think it suits the story really well. And I love the trope where two people pretend to be dating/engaged/married. It just never gets old.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Hmmmm. The arts really not to my liking. It's like old school yaoi, kinda blocky. I do like the main girl. She's a hard working gal, but a bit dense. Like really? You believe he's gay? He's groping you and kissing you and you think it's all
HorseObsessed Rating
?The art sucks!? the story pretty much sucks.? Her boss lies to her, saying he needs a pretend fiancee so he can get out of an arranged marriage set up by his parents. In reality he's fallen in love with her. That's not how you do that. Good relationships are built on telling the person you love how you feel about them. Lying like that is one of the worst ways to build a relationship, those relationships don't work. Most of the other manga I've read on this site, the authors know this & have done their stories correctly. If I could give negative star ratings I would.?
loopysheep Rating
I absolutely love the artwork. I love how the main male character is drawn. He's so beautiful. Together they are stunning.
NikitaNeeneelee12 Rating
It's a cute story but it's too short. This could have easily been a one-shot and it should have been a little cheaper to purchase. The art is beautiful though.
Yahiko03 Rating
The drawing is not consistent. I wished it was better drawn. I'm not feeling this manga
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