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onorepk Rating
It's a collection of short one-shots with various type of pairings and scenarios. The art is beautiful, but the characters are quite shallow and stories aren't that good. Most stories didn't have a satisfying resolution. If you like the "bully" type of top, you might want to check it out!
idgal Rating
This mangaka Art is always pretty with pretty guys but I don't think the stories are too good. Short and simple, you MUST like teasing/bullying personalities because this book features guys who love teasing their targets. Quick read with a lot of smut
dongtheggplant Rating
Honestly, I never liked this author in the first place so I was hesitant in buying this whole thing, wish there was an option to buy only a chapter because in the end, I skipped so many pages that the money I spent ended up feeling like I wasted them. Only nice thing about this is the art, the sex scenes are okay. I got nothing to say about the plot, it's the same cliches which has already been done better by other BL authors. Though, maybe the one shots could've been better if they were their own standalone story but limiting into a bunch of one shot stories seriously made the story telling nosedive. Also many of the plot lines in this are straight up from porn. It's so ridiculous that many of the situations and the thought process of characters don't make sense. I know, Yaoi is basically hentai but I still can't help but be disappointed that it was just a bunch of cliche one shots. By God can't forget about the casual incest in one of the one shots. Made me shudder.
BringMeTheSmut Rating
If you like yaoi, you'll love this. I'm saddened by the low ratings. People are complaining about the lack of story and too much porn!? That's what Yaoi is. It's not a romance novel. If it's too much porn for you, then read boy love stuff. If you want to see hot guys getting it on, then this is it.
Nyanyanse Rating
A collection of Kyo Kitazawa one-shots! The art is gorgeous, it's full of H scenes, and the stories are interesting. Some of them are a bit...whimsical, but it's overall very enjoyable.
otakujojo Rating
I wish I had paid attention the the rating before I bought this. The main story was fine but the rest were bad. One was a guy and his nephew(skipped it) and another was a boy and his brother(it said step brother once but never really made it super clear that they weren't related by blood) and then the cranky boyfriend was also bad. Guy with the chest fetish was ok but like ... I literally skipped half of it.
LMonster2 Rating
I loved the 3rd chapter because it was super funny and cute, but seriously after reading the first 3 chapters I was bored and done. The story lines didn't excite me or keep me interested. I simply fanned through the pages. If there was one overall story I would have been happier but not with these shorts.
Reddbone561 Rating
I wish you did a little more with the main story. I liked the side stories.
Habu Rating
Art was wonderful! The stories were a bit unsatisfying despite having an H scene in each one. If you're just looking for porn I'm sure this would be a good buy!
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