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LetMeIn Rating
If you're looking for a realistic, bittersweet and slow-pace story with a heartwarming happy ending, search no more! I'm in love with this story, one of the best I've ever had the pleasure to read. Certainly this ain't all happy fun times, but you can LIVE the story through the characters' feelings and relate to them very easily, which makes this story perfectly realistic in my book. Two people with harsh unrequited loves meet and turn to each other to save themselves from grief and learn to accept themselves as they are.
GregorIAN Rating
Loved the other in this series. Loved this one. A heartbreakingly sweet look at the internal struggle when you fall for someone you know isn't capable of loving you back in the same way, so you push down your true feelings to keep the love they are capable of giving you and accepting from you in return.
funbrillo Rating
This one is so good. I love it. It is a spin-off of When the Snow Thaws. I like this one the best and it was so touching. It was also a slow burn where the friend with the unrequited love and the man he meets take their time and heal each other as they slowly fall in love. It was amazing and I am so glad I got it. You also get a small check-in with the teacher/student couple from the previous book.
Yaohboy Rating
Beautiful, bittersweet, and lovely. I have loved both of the books by this author, I hope they continue to write. Wonderfully executed and sweet.
shobaralies Rating
A great read! It has a mature and bittersweet vibe that I like...with two strangers getting closer with each other but in reality know nothing about one another. The main theme and story of this book is unrequited love and this book hits all the spots. I would definitely re-read this book again.
Maggieruth Rating
Loved the story!! Super sweet!!
retardedapplejuice Rating
***Contains: sexy scenes but not too graphic*** The story is simple & builds up steadily. There's no faffing, just a straightforward development of the story. The relationship between Ohshiro and Koba is bittersweet but still pretty good. I feel the manga is quite short though. The climax kinda surprised me as I got quite comfortable with the story's pace. I wish there was a bit more to Ohshiro & Satoru's story but nonetheless, it's a very good read. If you're into bittersweet romance with a gentle, almost fluffy feel to it with a slow & steady pacing, and overall a relaxing read, give this manga a go.
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