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brohamski Rating
love the characters and the artwork so much!!
mangapuffin Rating
This was so cute! I really appreciated how well everyone communicated?I don't like stories where the plot hangs on a miscommunication, so I was happy to read this story.
LyttleWashu Rating
Great story, really pulls you in, and beautiful drawings!
LMonster2 Rating
This was fantastic! I was so happy with how the relationships both bloomed and grew. It was both sexy as well as adorable. What can I say the artwork was amazing.
DWCorvid Rating
I definitely wish this one was longer! The cover gives you a good indication of the kind of silly pairings you're going to experience when you read it. They are all lovable sexy idiots and there is plenty of smut to go around!
OzawaShuri Rating
Really dig the story but I was more interested in the second couple, too bad there wasn't anything about how they got together or more what happened in the manga
jfos Rating
This is cute as heck. Definitely worth the buy. Such a cute, fun story and I love the characters.
Broesa Rating
It brings me great joy to be able to pay for this story. If you like smut, there's lots of it! The 4 main characters are a delight to read about and it just makes me sad there's not more of them. Well worth the addition to your library!
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I honestly really thought this was cute. I sorta wish there was more to it though, cause it wasn't a very deep story. It is mostly fluff and smut. I wish it was longer as well. I'd say renting is worth it, but I wouldn't buy it.
Kiga Rating
Raunchy, Rowdy, and Funny!The art style is super cute and the unabashed lovey-dovey air is even cuter. plus when it gets hot it's HOT ;>So glad to have this in my collection~
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