User Reviews For: Sentimental Rodeo [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Ren4Liz28 Rating
SILVA is a genius!! Sometimes when you have SO much smut, it is ALL smut. SILVA has a way of giving the juicy scenes and tugging at your heart strings at the same time. Not to mention the GORGEOUS artwork. I need spinoffs on some of those other hotties!! I was blown away again. I wish there were 10 stars!!
shinayu Rating
Hmm...I wish the story comes to a better ending. It felt like it was rushed and unfinished. The art is really good but the seme's expression just seems more flat most of the I thought uke be quitting for their relationship towards the end but nah. I must say I was quite disappointed with how the story went. However overall the concept, art and the character were likeable.
hushsee Rating
This is not my favorite silva work, but it was a nice read and their smut is still a++ I thought it was slightly bit rushed and it could have been longer, but still liked it!
ebookrenta07q8ar77d Rating
I LOVED this manga. I love anything by this mangaka. The artwork is soooo pretty and detailed plus this has a great plot. You can literally feel the emotions in the dialogs and the art captures the facial expressions that embody those emotions. It's almost like looking at real people in those situations. Kudos to Silva-sama!!
AinoKusabi Rating
Pretty art, hot guys, touching story and all the naughty bits you could want, but...the ending felt rushed. I think the author's MCs were great guys, respectful of one another, but they were robbed of a really awesome HEA. Just a few more pages! Damn.
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