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SaraN Rating
3.5 stars. It's a cute story, but so short it felt rushed. I love this mangaka so I really wish this had been a full length story. I bet it would have made a really sweet, smexy story with more of the beginning and after. As it was, I never did fully warm up to the dad, who we only got glimpses of by himself, and some things are left up in the air. Like usual, the art is pretty and the babies are so adorable. It's expensive for the length, but I did rent then buy.
ebookrenta0o5rydv0x Rating
I did like where the story was going but I felt that the ending was too abrupt. What happened to the sister? Uuuggghhhhh it felt I was left with a cliffhanger.
joaisis Rating
The premise seemed interesting, as I'm a sucker for yaoi with kids. The pacing seemed rushed and there was really little story build up and character development.
NoLooky Rating
This was fluffy but it was short and had a major loose end
sleepingcrows Rating
Natsuki's relationship with his niece and nephew is super sweet, however his relationship with Ryogo is unfulfilling, as Ryogo just seems to use him to raise his kids and not care about any of them.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
Super cute. Not anything earth shattering. I enjoyed the whole family aspect. Not a fan of the endless longing. After they are finally a couple it just kind of ends leaving some questions for me. Like "where did the main character's sister end up?" All in all a nice short read. Would love a part two where the sister comes back.
HeySayJeskuh Rating
It's a oneshot that I wished was developed more into an actual manga volume. I'm giving it 3 stars because i do like the mangaka and liked the concept, just wished it wasn't rushed and was longer. It would have had potential!
Squeek Rating
Great artwork, the uke is adorable and sexy. There are nice masturbation scenes to be had. But the story plays out as just a sampling of milestones that happen with Natsuki looking after the kids over nearly a two year period and having very little interaction with his appointed seme for all that time. So it feels rushed, while also dragged out, there's no real satisfaction regarding why the mother is out of the picture, and for a title prominently featuring nipples there is no nipple play.
Shinoejdj Rating
It's a cute story if you enjoy Yaoi manga with kids. I feel though that this was really rushed that at times it was confusing and left you feeling a little lost.
kaorv Rating
I like this kind of premise, but the top is just too erratic and mean for an ero-comedy.
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