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EmTheHooligan Rating
So far, it's pretty cute. Though my main thought throughout was “well that escalated quickly” haha. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I like Omegaverse stories and this one seems like it'll be decent.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I love omegaverse stories and this is officially one of my faves
Blluevaz Rating
Solid offering in the genre. I really like the author's take, the personalities of the Alphas, how people are a smidge more laid back and not as intense as most a/b/o manga. The author let's time pass so there's a reasonable relationship between characters, instead of super fast you're mine forever even tho I just met you yesterday type stories. I say give it a try!The second arch starts in chapter 5. And at first I wasn't a fan of Ren, but he matures and grew on me. Will subscribe to the rest of the series:)
StephieJay Rating
This is such a cute series! I love it so far!! I gave it 4 starts only because I feel like the story could've been elaborated/grown more and it does seem to go a bit fast. But overall I really like the characters, plot, and the sexy scenes are great! A second story about a new couple has started, and so far I like it. I hope the story progresses well because I feel like there could/should be some depth there. All in all this is a great find! Try it out! You won't regret it!!
KikiVIP8 Rating
I love this manga. Especially the first and third story. A must in the omegaverse universe with a no-heavy plot.
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