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StreetUrchin Rating
Can definitely see people having a lot to say about this. I was hoping for a weird positive twist. But if this is the end...hmmm
reyji Rating
Overall I liked this story, so not mad about the points spent on it. I wish it was a bit longer, so the hints of something *more* beneath the surface of Tooru's character could be given a chance to be explored. It seems like a typical plot of "virgin gets snapped up by a playboy, then gets ghosted by the playboy bc of Family Expectations" with a side of marriage as an antagonistic plot device, but there's more to it than that I think. Tooru is definitely scum, but there's nuance to it, and he seems to... have actual attachment to Kan? And Kan is just as terrible, making excuses and refusing to let go of Tooru... man, I really wish there was more of this story, I want to know more!! I recommend it for the art, and also if you like layered angst. If a story featuring cheating or scum characters isn't for you, I don't recommend it.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I honestly want more. I feel like it should be longer or have more volumes. It is almost as if they were going to do that, but decided just to close it out. Overall I did actually really like it, but I just felt depressed at the end. The story should have gone another direction for sure.
GregorIAN Rating
Toru is absolute scum. Kan deserved better and Arisa deserved better. This is so unsatisfying, I don't know why I ever clicked on it.
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