User Reviews For: Animalistic Switch -I Started a Naughty Life Together with A Pornstar-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!!! This progressed quickly. Art is great. Interesting plot line. I like both characters, pretty average. Wanna know why Hiroki is trying to shack up so quickly? Very interesting.
peichi Rating
Dropping after ch 2. ML seems like an ass and I hated how forceful he was for her first time. I mean she asks him to go all the way, so fine, but he just rams it in her and even though she says ouch and is clearly in pain he doesn't slow down or try to hold back. Usually in these manga the guy at least tries to be gentle, but he did not at all. It seems like he is the kind of guy that cares only really about his own pleasure and not his partners. Ch. 1 could be argued to be dubcon too.
akazukin Rating
I'm a bit unsure with this series (as of Vol 4)- first off the art is really well done. The main guy though has clearly some backstory, however he does seem straight out sweet and nice, though for some reason because of whatever trauma, it causes him to have a weird switch. There is some hot scenes right off, BUT ... for spoilers, there's some questionable behavior for me in terms of what type of trauma he has. In addition it's not a surprise from the title that he is a porn actor, but I thought he retired. However in Vol3 you find out he is one still...which makes me a bit confused on the fidelity part. The heroine sort of knows? but also since the two aren't officially a couple.. it's hard to see where they both stand. (I mean if she's cool with it then, I guess it's alright?) I hesitatate 4/5 and more at 3/5. But the extra star is for the art, and I am giving it a bit of curiosity for the story. If you are not okay with questionable fidelity of him as a porn actor, please beware.
Zeet Rating
I am have read up to chapter 5. So the ML has a some sort of trauma when he was young and does not have a good relationship with his parents. He wants to change and he feels that the FL might be the one that can't help him. I feel sad for both of them.. I wish they will manage to sort out their issues
TrinaCasey Rating
This is well worth the points! It progresses fast but it ties beautifully with the storyline! I'm looking forward to the rest of this story!!!
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