User Reviews For: My Favorite Author Became My Sugar Daddy!?


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Sittinadzra08 Rating
OHMYGOD!! This is another level age gap story paaaaaace... And it is my most tag ever. T.T thank you erenta for bringing up this one as well. It's highly recommended swear!! Because older guy is way HAWT! Deserved to have a 5star! XD
Bunnione Rating
Hmmm yum!!.... I love the age gap the gentleman is elegant with a bit of roughness, the gal sweet and gorgeous. It is worth the buy check it out!
TrinaCasey Rating
This is worth the points, but I would have liked to see more of an after story.It seems to leave you hanging, like what did her parents say? What did they say when asked how they met? What did she major in? A little more story would have been nice. 5 stars all the same!
HorseObsessed Rating
I have to agree with the 3rd reviewer (if you can be that specific when writing a review on this site, if not they can edit it). Anyway back to business, I really like this story, but I think it would've been better with backstories on the two, I would add, there seems to be a hint that his editor may have had romantic feelings for him. I would've liked to have read about that, & if there would've been bit of a rivalry between the FL & the editor.
0AkkiAlex0 Rating
One of my favorite stories! Cant wait for the updates!
chouchou Rating
so hot. the female lead is gorgeous and lovely while the male lead is very sweet and handsome. doesn't feel skeevy. the desire between them is steamy and beautiful. big fan.
kpossibles Rating
Who else picked this up because of the sugar daddy in the title?! It's ok and I liked the smut at the end of the first chapter. Hopefully the rest will be just as good!
ShiinaMH Rating
Wow that licking hahaha
Arzella Rating
cant wait for more updates
melly Rating
Some older men are so kind. I get the allure.
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