User Reviews For: Spring Snow Doesn't Melt


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HishamXNadzra Rating
Interesting! I like this type of shoujo more like a top josei drama with a serious relation involved! Looking forward for more
PeachRenta Rating
It tugs on my heartstrings... closure is really important. acceptance is a really hard thing to do!
MewSage86 Rating
The forbidden love troupe is featured in this manga. I love it. I have read all the way to chapter 11 only to have it end on a cliff hanger. I really hope Yuki and Ritsu end up together. I ship them so hard.
animeangel Rating
This story is so sweet, full of sorrow and so much emotions that just flow all together so well.the characters are wonderful and complex. The first story just took me in and im devoted fan love it!
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Waaaaaaah! What a bittersweet this manga is.. T.T can't stop crying it's really hurt! I hope they'll meet or seen each other. I wish this manga ended so well with a happy ending. Thanks erenta for bringing this wonderful manga here
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