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Mrsmangame123 Rating
My heart hurts after reading the last part of this chapter. Ugh. I feel so cheated, much like poor Yume. I thought this whole time both Yumi and Aoi were each other's firsts for everything. Then we get a brief glimpse into Aoi's mind break and his alter ego that is super sexy compared to his sweet and timid self. Then one of the worst ways to end a chapter happens. Has Aoi been unfaithful this whole time?! Yume better not fall for this trap!!!
Imntru Rating
I'm really sick of these poor depictions of DID, and the continual use of this trope to excuse horrendous behavior within the context of a relationship. Its a no from me. But if you're into the cheating trope go for it ?.
peichi Rating
I was pretty interested in this until the very end. It actually has an intriguing plot that makes you want to know more. But I just don't know how to feel about that last twist. I think some will be fine with it because it's not really him but his split personality that is the one cheating. But the split personality him still knows he is dating her, so I'd still consider it cheating. I also feel like the story will likely go in a direction where she ends up falling for the other him too, which would make it even worse. I get what the author was going for. I think he's meant to be the Hide to the guy's Jekyll, and actually be sort of evil and monstrous, rather than just any normal split personality. But I think that could have been portrayed without going straight to him cheating on her. Maybe I will give it another chapter as I am still on the fence and wondering where it will go next. Also I really hate how this authors FLs always look like little lolis and the MLs are always giants.
SailorJ91F Rating
Im torn I like it but the ending killed me! I thought Yumi was finally going to get her man?
artemis Rating
I have been looking forward to when this title would be translated into English since I've seen it on the Japanese version of Renta. Yamamoto Tomomitsu is one of my favorite love manga writers. Her drawing style is gorgeous and her stories always have some unique elements. In this story, Yume, a shy young woman, falls for a fellow student who reveals to have a dark side. Through their relationship, she is confronted to her own less than pure nature. One of the best stories by this author.
Sittinadzra08 Rating
Yeeeeees! It's finally heeeeere T.T ive been eyeing this one in raws and wishing to read in engvers because i really love yamamoto sama works waaaaahhh! Thank you renta for bringing this one here xD expected the hot scenes is erotic as ever later yay!
Hinamatsuri Rating
I bought because I really loved the artsyle, the way mc chan looks is really cute and pudgy, and I like the look of the guy. The plot totally took a different direction then I thought, not a bad thing, but ya know. Totally want to find out what happens next!
Sasafras82 Rating
I love it!!!! The whole split personality thing is so intriguing. I really have no idea what direction this will go, and I'm super excited to find out. I can't wait for a second volume.
tigerlily1 Rating
I find this story soo interesting so far ?, I'm on the 2nd chapter, but I'm a sad it takes so long to update ?.
Sighz Rating
Read chapter 1 & 2...... characters as well as plot seem decent. Not much substance to the story yet (why the charters are as they are). The are & smut are well done!
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