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Ollie89 Rating
I bought the other title by this artist and loved the art. I was alittle gutted by all the short snippets. But this: I loved the cases. Loved the story. Glad I purchased. One of those rare stories that actually left me smiling. Lots of sexy times and drama. Thumbs up!
heyobromo Rating
WARNING: NON-CON, DUB-CON, HEAVY THEMES. That out of the way, let's begin. It's a BL smut collection where all the stories involve the owner of a cafe that's just on the outside of a red-light district. Where your usual smut would have a dominant theme and then the sex, this book's theme is sex itself. The art is *very* smutty, the scenes are incredibly dynamic, and in that sense almost beautiful. Beef boys and stick boys abound, and it was refreshing to see characters of different body types and ages. That said, there's quite a few heavy themes and not everyone may be comfortable with them so please keep it in mind. The whole collection itself seems bittersweet. My only plight is the pacing and chemistry between the characters. The theme really is sex, and chemistry can seem a little forced in some areas. Despite the heavy themes, it might be best not to take the story too seriously to fully enjoy it.
Cupcakes Rating
I rented this one initially because it sounded like it wasn't my type of manga, it was a new release, and I'd read this author's other work, but I upgraded and bought it as soon as I finished the first read through! The story was there, you get some background of the main characters, and their meeting basically sets the scene for the rest of the 'cases'. The smut was well done, and the final scene between the MCs had me reaching for the fan it was that hot! First time I've read a manga with characters that are both top and bottom, but I think I'll have to go looking for some after this story. And the happy ending left me with all the warm fuzzy feels.
Ali1381 Rating
I really loved this story! The art was really pretty and the depth of the characters was so refreshing. Like the sex scenes are nice too^^ but also the story had a good flow. Super sexy and sweet scenes galore~ Highly recommend!
beefly Rating
It was sexy but I prefer when The generals are not light sabers. It was A great cute story about how love can happen any time any age anywhere. But still I'd like to be able to see some kind of a you know.
ChattyK2125 Rating
A bit on the smut filled side but I am not complaining! There was in between Miharu trying to teach people something, a bit of sadness once Daiki starts working there and gets left behind all the time when he knows Miharu will go "teach" people through some sex moment. Then they scan back on his time when he was younger, showed reasons why he does what he does now.In the end though, Daiki was and he shared honest moments after some intense scenes (not sex related!) Which brings about the outpouring from both of their feelings of love! Yeah! I LOVE love stories! If you like BL, a bit on the smutty side with a great ending, this is a keeper!
AinoKusabi Rating
Fun, smut, and love! You can't get a better balance than this. I thought this would be another senseless smut fest, but how wrong I was; the ending was just as I'd hoped and made it totally worth the read. Daiki's a sweetie! A second volume with the two leads would be awesome!
Daekin Rating
Okay, this was very different from everything else I've read by this artist, but I absolutely LOVE it. Miharu's kinda like Superman. Made me laugh out loud several times. Glad I purchased it. Definitely recommend.
Ren4Liz28 Rating
A must read! Amazing story filled with love, laughter and smut! The two main characters are just so adorable together. I also love that they aren't your typical BL stereotypes. It really is an awesome story. I honestly am wanting a Miharu younger years story. The snapshots were not enough...I need more!
blowry20 Rating
Loved every page of it!
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