User Reviews For: Chihira Can't Get Enough Magic Power [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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radish Rating
This is so adorable and erotic and...wholesome it's just-- hnngggg
ebookrenta09t18my5u Rating
not to be that person, but succubi are female, incubi are male. the lore makes the story. other than that, a fantastic read
Kuga Rating
Really awesome!! The art is super pretty and gets better and better. There's not much angst and the development in their relationship felt strong without having a dragged out misunderstanding. It's also really hot ^q^ 5/5, do not regret purchasing at all!
ebookrenta0rd36hxst Rating
Omg this is so cute!! The art style is amazing and cute. Really love the art style and storyline.
ebookrenta07mynoena Rating
So cute ?
ebookrenta0n62c6m5g Rating
Highly recommended!!!!!!!
Mona Rating
The art is pretty, the story is so sweet and they are so cute! Omg can't get enough of their love dovey time <3
Rinisama Rating
They're far too cute. I can't take it. Lovely story all in all, kinda wish it was like tbh.
SoftMuffins Rating
Amazing!Grat art and story. Lots of smut and a cute, good relationship. They actually talk things out like you are supposed to in a healthy relationship.
malcosky Rating
The adt and the story are really nice~I remembered I purchased the Japanese version and here I am purchasing the English version~seems like I can't get enough of it.
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