User Reviews For: Chihira Can't Get Enough Magic Power [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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radish Rating
This is so adorable and erotic and...wholesome it's just-- hnngggg
ebookrenta09t18my5u Rating
not to be that person, but succubi are female, incubi are male. the lore makes the story. other than that, a fantastic read
Kuga Rating
Really awesome!! The art is super pretty and gets better and better. There's not much angst and the development in their relationship felt strong without having a dragged out misunderstanding. It's also really hot ^q^ 5/5, do not regret purchasing at all!
ebookrenta0rd36hxst Rating
Omg this is so cute!! The art style is amazing and cute. Really love the art style and storyline.
Fujoshi93 Rating
I don't usually spend a lot on 1 title(all at once), but this was well worth the purchase. It was very cute and wholesome. Not a series of multiple, easily avoided misunderstandings just to create more content...The art was pretty good and there was definitely some fantastic racey scenes. As the story goes on, I feel like they become more honest with themselves and each other about who they really are and how they really most favorite part is their honesty with themselves though. I think that's why we see such a heavy personality shift from beginning to end, because in the beginning neither of them were being honest about who they really were or what they really wanted so they held back a lot of themselves. As they developed and had some personal growth, you got to view who they really were, like they set themselves(and each other) free. ??? Again I say, well worth the price.
BeautifulStalkerRX Rating
Very cute, though it would have been nice to see more come from Chihira having the succubus powers. Also Chihira and Arou really seemed to change completely by the end, but that kinda seemed like it was the point. Overall, I liked it!
aliceanimelover Rating
I could've been better...
Tintinabule Rating
It's really cute and funny! The story is good and smut too. Typical childhood best friends who don't know about each other's feelings. If you are a fan of this type of story, go for it!
Twlggy Rating
I love this story so much! The couple is super cute, the art is gorgeous, and there is a lot of great smut. I love how Arou is drawn and he takes my breath away. I really like succubus/incubus stories so if you like those, you'll enjoy this!
ebookrenta07mynoena Rating
So cute ?
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