User Reviews For: My Partner Is an Absolute Scumbag [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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Qyubey Rating
A really fun story with some lovely saucy bits. I didn't expect to like the two as much as I did but they have some great chemistry and both have their cute, sexy, and funny moments. Ittou is cocky and self-assured, which leads to most of the story's drama, but it's clear he cares for Sakae despite all that. Leads to some very cute and hot scenes between them. Great all around.Sad we didn't get to see Sakae in full crossdress though, that would have been cute!
ebookrenta0rd36hxst Rating
Not bad! Love the story and it's actually pretty funny haha. Great read but I am still thinking whether or not I should upgrade to permanent so yeah.
Fairy231 Rating
I really wanted to like this. The two MCs have a feisty partnership as a comedy duo, I liked their chemistry, I liked the art, and then... it fell into the usual yaoi convention of the seme forcing himself on the uke. If only that part wasn't there, I would have rated this at least 4 stars. I've read one other work from this author, and it struck out with me, too. Maybe third time's a charm?
Ren4Liz28 Rating
I enjoyed the story, but wasn't blown away. The concept sounded really interesting, but there wasn't any climax or challenges to the story. It is just these two bickering a lot and then there is sex and then love real quick at the end...maybe?! I dunno, it was cute, but not really worth the full price. Thankfully, I just rented it.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
It was super cute and funny! I laughed a lot! Art and translation is fantastic and the story is well paced. Happy to have bought it.
Skaenund Rating
This was pretty funny to read, lots of misunderstandings and whatnot. Only issue was how the story was told, it could have been a lot funnier if the author had leaned in more to the comedy elements and misunderstandings.
tinmae Rating
I enjoy the story
Butterfries97 Rating
Interesting concept and well executed. Maybe there could have been slightly more smut, but in all honesty the interaction between the two leads was funny enough in itself
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